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Please note that we do not have regular guided tours at the moment due to the latest Covid-19 restrictions.

It is possible to book guided tours for small groups (10-19 adults) by sending an email to or call +354 620 6100.

Other Covid-19 arrangements are as follows:

- Max 20 adults in a tour 

- Two-meters social distancing rule secured

- Contactless payments, only one person pays at a time

- Protective masks for sale at the reception

- Regular and increased cleaning, access to hand sanitisers ensured


Iceland´s Hidden World

Guided one hour tours of four mysterious man-made caves - will open again 2021

Admission fee:

  • Adults 2900 ISK

  • Children (0-15) Free

Twelve man-made caves have been discovered on the land of Ægissíða by Hella. Four of them have been open to the public. The caves are Iceland´s oldest still standing archaeological remains - with some believed to date even further back than the settlement of the Nordic Vikings.  

The wonders of the Caves of Hella include ancient crosses, wall carvings and carved seats.

Mystery surrounds the caves and for centuries people have wondered:

  • Are the caves the handywork of the Celts?

  • Were the caves a place of ancient worship?

Discover the secrets and experience and the magical Underworld of the South.

The Caves are located right next to Route 1 (the Ring Road), an approximately hour drive from Reykjavik.

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