A picture from inside Fjóshellir at Caves of Hella Iceland


Our tours

Caves of Hella offers exciting guided tours of four mysterious man-made caves in Iceland. The caves are an historic landmark site where you will learn about hidden secrets and other untold stories from Iceland's history.


We offer guided tours in Icelandic and English.

From November 15: Monday - Thursday at 10:00, Friday at 10:00 and 17:00 and on Saturdays & Sundays at 14:00. You can book a tour by visiting book now. We also offer luxury tours, and special tours in English for special occasions like weddings, surprise trips, and more.  


Our reception, and meeting point, is located next to route 1 (Hringvegur 1) close to the town of Hella on the South coast of Iceland. Please arrive 15 min before the tour starts.

Admission fee

Admission for daily guided tours:

  • Adults 3200 ISK

  • Children (6-15) 1000 ISK

  • Children (0-5) FREE


If you are interested in our luxury tours, special tours or group tours, please contact us for price quotes at cavesofhella@gmail.com.


Caves of Hella are ideally located next to route 1 (The Ring Road) at Ægissíða close to the town of Hella on the South coast of Iceland. Our reception and meeting point for our tours can be seen from the road. We are perfectly located to take a break from driving, stretching your legs, and exploring historic caves and their saga's.

You can find our location on the map here below.