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Scroll down and take a look at a few pictures from the historic site at Caves of Hella. The mysterious caves are man-made and are thought to be the oldest archaeological remains that still stand in Iceland.

There is a great deal of mystery that surrounds the caves. No one knows for sure when they were built or by whom. The caves are thought to have been built by celtic settlers as far back as before the arrival of the Nordic Vikings to Iceland. The historic caves hold many wonders, e.g. ancient wall carving, crosses, room and carved seats.  

Explore Caves of Hella

Caves of Hella offers guided tours around four mysterious man-made caves located on the South coast of Iceland. The caves are mysterious and historic. On your visit to the caves, you will learn about their hidden secrets and untold saga's.

We offer guided tours every day. You can book a guided tour on our book now page. If you are driving by, you can also buy tickets at our reception.

We also offer private luxury tours, and special tours for special occasions like, group tours, weddings, surprise trips, and more. 

If you are looking for a gift, a gift card for a tour at Caves of Hella is a great option. You can read more about our gift cards and make a purchase by visiting our gift card page.

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